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Rain Gardens of Danforth East Village- East York

by Rangers Marc, Alex, Alexander, Kara, Aidan and Ting

The Rain Gardens of Danforth East Village is a pilot project that has established vibrant stormwater-absorbing rain gardens in eleven front yards. After creating the first rain garden in June 2015, the project won the 2015 Vital Innovation Award from the Toronto Foundation and 100-in-1 Day.


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About the Butterflyway

During 100-in-1-day 2015, Park Rangers and neighbours planted a rain garden in Ranger Marc's front yard. The rain garden included hardy native flowers and grasses strategically placed to absorb and filter stormwater runoff so it doesn't cause flooding and contamination downtstream and in Lake Ontario.

The Rain Gardens of the Danforth East Village project has since blossomed into an award-winning 11-property pilot project, winning the Toronto Foundation's 2015 Vital Innovation Award in June 2015. The project's goal is to provide an example that other neighbourhoods can adapt and adopt, helping prevent flooding, contamination of the lake and providing space for wild bees, birds and butterflies.

For more information about rain gardens, check out the links below. And be sure to get in touch with your local municipality and conservation groups to see what programs and resources exist in your community.

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