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The Community Canoe Project

by Ranger Aidan

The Community Canoe Project began in 2013. Since then more than a dozen canoe planters have been added to parks and schools throughout the Garrison Creek and beyond.


  • Ranger Aidan

    Ranger Aidan

About the Butterflyway

This network of pollinator friendly canoe gardens is part of the Homegrown National Park Project and seeks to create abundant habitats for bees, bats, butterflies, and birds while reminding citizens of the lost, buried and neglected waterways that still meander their way through our communities.

The "Moccasin Identifier", produced by our partners the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and found on the side of each canoe, acknowledges this land as their traditional territory while including design features from other First Nations that have also shared this land.

There are now more than a dozen canoe gardens throughout Toronto, including 12 along the former Garrison Creek and new canoes in the east end and Brampton.

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