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#GotMilkweed 2015

by the 2015 Park Ranger team

Gotmilkweed 2016 is now on! Join us at for the month of April to buy milkweed plants, seeds and kits. The David Suzuki Foundation's second annual spring #gotmilkweed campaign resulted in more than 5,000 milkweed being planted in gardens, balconies, schoolyards and parks throughout Toronto. The event culminated with a Butterfly Block Party in Christie Pits Parks alongside an arts fest, bike swap and NANPS native plant sale.

About the Butterflyway

As monarch butterflies started their multigenerational journey northward, the David Suzuki Foundation ran its second annual #gotmilkweed campaign in Toronto.

Participants helped monarchs by:

1. Buying a milkweed plant for their Toronto yard or balcony;

2. Purchasing a Got Milkweed kit, with plants and education materials; or

3. Donating to efforts to plant milkweed in parks and schoolyards on your behalf.

More than 5,000 plants were picked up at a Butterfly Block Party at Toronto's Christie Pits Park and were planted in gardens, schoolyards and parks throughout the city.

Have questions about monarchs and milkweed? Check out our comprehensive FAQ page here: